INT Debt Collection

Are your invoices not being paid? INT Debt Collection offers the solution: we collect outstanding amounts for you.
INT Debt Collection works on the basis of the No Pay method. Our clients receive 100% of the principal amount as soon as the debt is paid. Costs incurred are borne by the debtor.
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Our comprehensive services

Your invoices unpaid? INT Debt Collection is happy to help you.


Out-of-court collection

Out-of-court debt collection consists of activities to collect an outstanding amount without involving a judge. INT Debt Collection will gladly assist you.

Rent Collection

Are your tenants not paying the monthly rent (anymore)? INT Debt Collection is happy to help you with a rent collection process. The process can be started quickly.

This is why YOU should choose

INT Debt Collection

INT Debt Collection has a high success rate, the necessary experience and takes cases in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

A High success rate

We have a high success rate. So there is a good chance that you will receive your money quickly.

Experts in the debt collection business

With our years of experience, we have a lot of experience in the debt collection business. We are happy to help you.

International collection agency

We take on debt collection cases in several western countries. Everywhere we have experts in the region.